Saturday, December 03, 2005

Journal #20

In the Herald Journal dated 12/3/2005 on page A8 there is a small article about a web site that sells newly built homes at Eagle Mountain Development. The article tells us that the following sentence appeared on the web site: "Black race population percentage significantly below state average."

Yes the bolding was included on the web site. The article states the racial statement was remove after the owner was contacted. This is very well. I question if the statement is racist. Perhaps the owner was inviting the black population to purchase his homes in an effort to increase diversity. Or, perhaps he was disclosing to potential buyers the disadvantage presented by the lack of diversity.

It is not clear what the intention of the statement is until the owner apologizes by telling all that he is also offended. So the message was probably unintentional but racist in nature.

This goes to show that a marketing message must be clear. The lack of precision in the message above was detrimental to the company. The statement was true but the audience was not instructed on how to use this information.


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